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The On Shore Roofing Specialists Inc. Team

In our industry it's not just how the job is completed; it's the quality and experience of the people installing the job that is crucial to the life of the roof.  Their skills, their involvement, their professional demeanor should be considered when selecting a roofing contractor.  At OnShore Roofing, our team of dedicated individuals wants to earn your respect.  Our team is courteous, efficient, honest, ethical, flexible, accommodating, and most importantly knowledgeable.  There is not an “it’s not my job” attitude among the crew.  In fact, every job is everyone’s job.  There is always someone on the team with an answer that knows how to get something resolved. Our motto is “we work smart, we work safe, and we train and train more.” With our team anything and everything is humanly possible.

24-7 Service

OnShore Roofing has a 24 hour on-call repair service for emergencies. 1-888-ROOF-414

Regular business hours are Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.  

Reputation, Pride, Integrity

Pictures are worth a thousand words.   Select a contractor that can back up their claims of quality with job site pictures.  Request a portfolio of jobs completed from the roofing contractor.  


Ask us for a guided tour of local projects we've installed in your community.  Email your request to info@onshoreroofing.com and ask for the “guided tour” reference list in your area.


Select a Roofer that has an excellent reputation in the industry and has a proven commitment to the Community it serves.  Ask for a reference of community involvement in addition to the clients they serve.

Best Value Proposition

“Your home is your biggest investment”.  You hear this all the time.  For most people, the home is certainly the biggest expenditure and financial commitment.  You want to know that you are getting the biggest return for your investment in your roof which is the umbrella that protects your entire home.  


Is the price competitive for the overall life and “quality” of the roof?  Which bid is your lowest cost for your ROI or Return On Investment.  

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